My name is Katie Walsh. I am a fashion designer, mother and sustainability advocate. Raised in Dublin, I studied fashion design in London and worked for Alexander McQueen before launching my own labels: Poltock & Walsh and later, Bolzoni & Walsh. My designs were featured in Vogue and were worn by internationally acclaimed women including Rihanna, Kate Moss, Florence Welch, Emma Watson, Susie Lau, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung. Following the birth of my second child, I took a step back from fashion to focus on my family.

Six years later, considering a return to fashion, I became increasingly alarmed by the catastrophic toll the industry has taken on the environment. Coupled with my unease towards the devastating effects of plastic pollution, I vowed to be part of the solution, starting a journey that has taken me into the heart of the circular economy where garments are designed to make a positive impact on the natural world. Principles of sustainability, zero-waste, protection and versatility became the foundation of THE RE-PETE PROJECT.

I formed partnerships with like-minded companies such as SympaTex, a German textile mill producing high-quality, high-tech fabric from recycled plastics since the 1980s. I commissioned London based sustainable designer and lecturer, Mala Siamptani, to hand-make my toggles from used plastic milk cartons donated by local London eateries, while a company in Holland supplies our recycled PETE cord. Every single component of the anorak is made with recycled materials, right down to the thread. Garments are manufactured in Europe by a properly paid team. You will find no labels, swing tags or unnecessary waste, just non-toxic biodegradable packaging with care instructions printed on the inside of garments with environmentally friendly ink. 

At the end of our garment’s long life, we take it back to re-make so it never ends on landfill. As a thank you for your dedication to the Circular Movement we offer a 10% discount on you next order.  Please contact us on contact@therepeteproject.com for further info.


THE RE-PETE PROJECT instagram account functions as a platform for spreading awareness about plastic pollution, responsible consumerism, supporting other great businesses joining the circular economy, and to gather an on-the-ground community to help clean up local beaches and public areas. THE RE-PETE PROJECT has made the commitment to donate 2% of revenue to THE OCEAN CLEANUP,  a charity dedicated to cleaning international waters and tackling the plastic crisis. Join the community @therepeteproject.com.