The world is full of rubbish. If we don't do something about it we will choke on it. Scientists say that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. So what can be done with our waste? Instead of it landing in our oceans or landfills, we can reuse and repurpose it. This is called a CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

There are 3 rules:

01. Design and manufacture using waste product.

02. Keep products and materials in perpetual use.

03. Help regenerate natural ecosystems.

THE RE-PETE PROJECT is a circular fashion label which creates timeless, high quality, durable, unisex, waterproof yet breathable outerwear, starting with the Anorak. It is made entirely out of recycled single use plastic waste, and it is designed to be 100% recyclable - the anorak can be broken down, rewoven and remade like new - never ending on landfill, actively preventing plastic from landing in our oceans.

Free from uncomplicated and unnecessary fastenings which make easy to recycle, each anorak is crafted using 29 recycled plastic bottles:

27 Recycled 0.5 Ltr PETE Bottles = Fabric

01 Recycled 0.5 Ltr PETE Bottle = Cord & Thread

01 Recycled 1 Ltr HDPE Bottle = Toggles



Transparency is important to us, so we have made a diagram to show you the circular journey of our anorak and it's components.

THE RE-PETE PROJECT is made in Europe and has partnered only with like minded local ecological suppliers in the UK and Europe, supporting existing business in the circular economy, reducing the need for unnecessary transportation of goods. 

There are no labels, swing tags or unnecessary waste, just non-toxic biodegradable packaging with care & recycling instructions printed inside anoraks with environmentally friendly ink.



End of Life

At the end of each garment's long life please return to:

THE RE-PETE PROJECT, 125 Ashfield St, London, E1 3EX, UK

Every piece will be broken down, rewoven and remade like new.